Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introducing ICO Rafting News!

The target audience for this blog will be the ICO Community. By that we mean any one interested in keeping tabs on news and events for ICO. More specifically, we'll be making announcements regarding outreach, recruiting, and fundraising.

For outreach, we'll post the season's Group Application and provide any updates or pressing information about arranging to take your group on a trip with ICO. We might also post about unexpected trip availability.

For recruiting, we'll be making announcements about Volunteer Application availability and deadlines, Question & Answer Sessions, and our (required) new volunteer training schedule. But don't wait for announcements, there is already a lot of information about volunteering available on our website.

For fundraising, we'll post about upcoming fundraiser events that benefit ICO, such as rafting trips, dinners, and bake sales.

We may also occasionally post other items of interest to the ICO Community, such as pictures and recaps of awesome trips, or news about awards or grants that we might receive.

We will stay on topic, and we will keep the volume low. I expect that we'll have less than 12 posts per year. So, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog to keep up-to-date. You can subscribe using RSS, if that's the way you roll, or subscribe by email, if that's more your style. (We will not share your email address with anyone, including the Sierra Club. And of course, you may unsubscribe at any time.)

If you would rather not subscribe, then please come back about once a month or so to catch up.

Thanks for your interest in ICO, and Welcome!